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OCTI-E and its experienced personnel carry out a broad range of project types such as:
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Planning and Feasibility Studies
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Environmental Impact Assessments
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Preliminary and Final Engineering Studies/Designs
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Permit Applications
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Plans and Specifications
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Construction Monitoring
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Project Reviews
blubult.gif (1011 bytes) Software and Numerical Model Development

Our current project, the Shinnecock Inlet Monitoring project involves the analysis of Tide and Wave data over long spans of time.  Click here to search the data that we have collected thus far.

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